Monday, February 19, 2018

Storage for raw materials

Various forms of raw materials storage are used by the food industry according to the requirements of the materials being stored. Ambient temperature dry stores are used to contain products such as dry and powdered ingredients, often contain in bags and usually palletized.

Space utilization in the raw materials manufacturing warehouse and the finished goods manufacturing warehouse is typically viewed as an important issue.

Bulk storage facilities should be designed to handle bags, containers or silo installations. Choice of these methods will depend upon financial viability and factory/warehouse size and capabilities.

Bulk storage in silos and the use of appropriate conveying systems will contain the raw material up to and beyond the dryblendind stage, thereby, reducing the chance of human contact and improving housekeeping.

Storage of raw materials whose supply or demand fluctuates in predictable manner, especially seasonal produce, is necessary to increase availability. It is essential that processors maintain stocks of raw materials, therefore storage is necessary to buffer demand.
Storage for raw materials
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