Monday, November 28, 2016

Agro-food supply chain

Agro-food chains and networks play an increasingly important role in providing access to markets for producers on developing countries. Globalization of trade and integration of supply chains lead to new demands regarding food quality and safety.

The activity is not only includes manufacturer and supplier but also transporters, warehouses, retailer and customer themselves.

The ability of the agro-food supply chain to deliver what the end consumer wants depends on the degree of integration across the supply chain, the nature and direction of information flow, and the availability of near market information on what consumers actually want.

Perishable food products can nowadays be shipped from halfway around the world at fairly competitive prices. The market exerts a dual pressure on agro-food chains, forcing towards continuous innovation had agency coordination. Improvement in technology for shipping, handling plant breeding and packing can help the produce less perishable and mains appearance and quality.

The challenge for the food supply chain is to satisfy and meet consumer need, wants and even their desires. To do this it essential to known what people buying to understand how they buy and to explore the underlying reason for their selection.
Agro-food supply chain
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